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Festival: the objective of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival is to promote low-budget, non-profit movies made by professional or amateur filmmakers. The event itself is non-profit and has mere cultural and entertainment intents. The Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival includes the exhibition Comics You Should Know dedicated to self-produced comics.

Organizers: the organizers of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival are: Gaia Bracco, Pietro Eccher and Giovanni Eccher.

Assistants: the assistants are all those who, under the coordination of the Organizers, take part in the organization and the carrying out of the Festival Site: the web-site is accessible at the address www.bravomabasta.com

Registered user: is only the party who registers to the Site.

Non registered user: is whoever accesses to the Site.

Content/Contents: are all the materials accessible on the Site: by way of example, audio and video materials, graphics, photographs, texts or any other type of material present on the Site.

Works: are the materials made by the Registered users and submitted for the participation to the Festival.

Services: the services available only to the parties registered to the Site are:
registration of Works to the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival registration of Works to the exhibition Comics You Should Know

1. Access conditions and intended use

1.1 The access to the Site is free. The Site is for information and popularization only, not for profit. The Organizers have the exclusive and final right to edit, as a whole or in part, without prior notice and at their own discretion, the Content, the images, the terms and/or the access conditions to the Site. The Organizers, therefore, can, in any moment and in any way, operate on the Site (by way of example only: edit the Contents, suspend the access, make the disconnection both with regard to each Registered user and/or Non registered user and with regard to their personal data).

1.2 The Site is dedicated to promote the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival and the Works of the Registered users.

The user can register free of charge to thewebsite. Truthful and updated personal data is compulsory to register Works to the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival or to the exhibition Comics You Should Know.

The password chosen by the user upon registering to the Services and inputted in the relevant registration form is personal and inalienable. The Registered users are due to guard the password with the utmost care and to keep it secret in order to prevent third unauthorized parties from using the Service. Therefore, they will be responsible for any use, by third authorized or unauthorized parties, of the above-mentioned identification codes, as well as for any prejudice to the website, to the Organizers and/or to third parties, due to the failure to comply with the above.

1.3 The material and the information provided by the Organizers are made accessible only for one’s own personal and non commercial use.

2. Intellectual property

2.1 The reproduction, as a whole or in part, of the Site and/or its Contents and/or the Works, by any analogic or digital means, without written consent by the Organizers, is forbidden.

2.2 Every copyright and intellectual property right in terms of configuration, Services and Contents belongs exclusively to the Organizers.

2.3 The Site and the Services provided on the Site are made accessible to the Non registered and registered users for personal use only.

2.4 The copyright, the trademarks and the other rights relevant to the intellectual property of the Site and the Services belong to the Organizers.

2.5 The Non registered user acknowledges that the Services and the Site contain confidential information and are protected by the laws on the subject of intellectual and/or industrial properties.

The user (registered or not) undertakes not to share, circulate or create works based, as a whole or in part, on the Services or on the Site, on the Contents or on the Works.

2.6 However, it shall be understood that the user is not allowed to sublicense, rent, sell, share, circulate, convert even in part, decode, decompile, disassembly, edit, translate the Site, make operations of reverse engineering nor anyway duplicate, copy, use or have at his disposal the Site, or any of its parts, in a way other than what herein explicitly allowed or allowed by legally binding laws.

3. Behavior of the Registered user.

3.1 The use of the Site and the Services is destined to personal use only; therefore, they cannot be used for illicit purposes; to halt, damage or hamper a part or the whole of the Site and/or the Services; to transmit, upload or circulate on the Site any defamatory or racist content; in contravention of rights (copyrights or confidentiality rights included) of third parties; to transmit any advertisement material without prior written consent from the Organizers.

3.2 The Organizers reserve their right to reject, at their sole discretion, the access to any publication or information as well as to change their location, even afterwards.

3.3 If the information, submitted upon registration, is found to be untruthful, inaccurate or incomplete, the Organizers have the right to suspend and/or disallow the access by the Registered user to the Site.

3.4 Any tolerance by the Organizers with regard to non-compliances by the Registered user is not to be deemed acquiescence or foregoing of the above-mentioned rights or the other remedies.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1. The responsibility of the surfing on the Site is up to the Registered user only. The Organizers disclaim any warranty, whether explicit or implicit, with regard to the Site, the Contents and the Works, as well as to the Services, even in terms of completeness, accuracy and quality.

4.2 The Organizers are not responsible for the Contents and the Works nor for the information and/or the materials provided through the Site and/or the Services nor for the topics or the attitudes of the Registered users and the Non registered users during the surfing on the Site;

4.3 The Organizers have no preliminary or subsequent control on the topics presented and/or discussed by the Registered users, including the topics discussed by them in the areas of the Site reserved to the communications between Registered users, but will refer to the competent authorities in case of non-compliances with the applicable laws.

4.4 The Organizers do not take any responsibility with regard to the transmission, on the PC of the Registered users, of any virus. Except for the cases of negligence or misconduct by the Organizers, the latter will not be responsible for damages caused by the access to the Site or by the published material.

4.5 The Site and the Services are targeted to a vast and heterogeneous public: the Organizers therefore encourage parents to look after their children and determine which areas of the Site aresuitable for persons under age.

5. Warranties

5.1 The user explicitly acknowledges and accepts that any Content and/or Work downloaded or otherwise obtained from or through the Site and the Services is obtained at his sole discretion and at his own risk, and that users are the only responsible for any damage to their computer or for the loss of data resulting from the downloading of such Contents and/or Works or from the use of the Site and the Services.

5.2 The Registered user declares and guarantees to own all the rights on the Works transmitted or submitted, and guarantees to hold harmless the Organizers as well as the subjects related thereto or controlled therefrom, their representatives, their employees and the assignees of the Bravo Ma Basta film Festival against any obligation of compensation, legal costs included, resulting from the Contents and/or from the Works transmitted or submitted by the Registered users, from the Site or the Services and from the breach of the rules regulating their use, or from any breach of rights of third parties.

The Registered user therefore agrees to indemnify the damages resulting from any action that a third party could promote against the Organizers of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival and/or the assignees of the same with regard to the Site and/or the Services. At the same time, the Registered user grants to the Organizers the right to screen/publish the Works on the Site and at the premises of the Festival during the period of the competition. He further grants to the Organizers the rights to publish his own Works, as a whole or in part, with any distribution means and with no time limit, for promotional purposes. Any other kind of use will be specifically agreed upon with the Registered user.

6. Suspension

The Organizers reserve their right to suspend the access to the Site and to the Services, in case of breach, by the Registered user, of the present terms and conditions.

7. Competitions

The participation to the competitions (the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival and the exhibition Comics You Should Know related thereto) will be regulated by specific terms and conditions. The general rules herein presented however remain valid.

8. Communications

Any communication to the Organizers shall be in written form and can be made through e-mail to the following address:


9. Submitting of the Works for the participation to the BRAVO MA BASTA FILM FESTIVAL

The submitting of the Works is subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions in the competition announcement.

10. Uploading of the trailer and the comics

Where available, the uploading of the Works is subject to the acceptance of the terms and conditions in the section dedicated to the uploading.

11. Other web sites

The Site may contain links to other sites that are not controlled by the Organizers.

The users acknowledge that the present terms and conditions apply only to the use of this Site and related Services; the Organizers therefore are not responsible of the material contained in the other web sites. Any link to other sites does not imply the promotion of the same and/or their Content, nor the sharing of the values promoted by the other sites.

12. Integrations and Alterations

The Organizers reserve their right to periodically alter the Site, as well as their right to update the present terms and conditions, publishing on the Site the alterations that will bind the Non registered users and the Registered users.

The non-acceptance of the integrations and/or alterations made to the present terms and conditions entails the impossibility to keep on using the Site by the users.

13. Interpretation

Every provision of the present terms and conditions, that excludes or limits the liability, shall be interpreted apart from the others: such provisions apply and remain valid even if, for any reason, one or more provisions are deemed not to apply or be valid, remaining in effect notwithstanding the non-compliance with the present terms of use of the Site.

14. Applicable Law. Italian jurisdiction and competence.

The present terms and conditions are regulated by the prevailing law in Italy; they shall be interpreted in accordance with the same.

The Italian Law applies to the above terms and conditions.

The Court of Milan will be competent for any dispute between the Organizers and the Registered users, considered as individual acting for purposes other than his business or profession.

15. Privacy

15.1 If the Registered user wishes to edit the registration data or to delete his own profile, he will have to directly contact the administrator of the Site at the address info@bravomabasta.com indicating, in the subject of the mail, the purposes of the request.

15.2 It is possible to delete all one’s own information from the database of the Site by sending a specific request to info@bravomabasta.com, indicating the username, password, name, surname, telephone number.

15.3 The personal data provided by the Registered user to the Organizers are protected in accordance to the provisions of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 “ Code regarding the protection of personal data”.


Pursuant to article 13 of the Code, we inform You that:

1 – The gathered personal data will be handled (as defined by article 4, 1° comma lett. a of theCode), via computer or non-computer storage, for purposes related to the activities of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival and of the Site and to the Services:

1.1 to provide assistance for the use of the Services and, in general, for the management of the Services;

1.2 to send communications relevant to the modes of use of the Services;

1.3 to send communications relevant to the activities of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival;

1.4 to send the newsletter;

1.5 to manage the archive of the Works received and to contact the Registered users with regard to the activities related to the Works.

2 – The submitting of the personal data is compulsory for the registration to the Site and to the competitions as well as for the use of the different Services, the failure to submit the required personal does not allow the registration. The registration is for free, but subjected to the obtaining of the data and to the acceptance of the general terms and conditions.
The Organizers reserve their right to cancel the registration to the Site and to the Competitions as well as to discontinue the providing of the Services in case where the information submitted are found to be untruthful.

3 – The personal data that You have submitted can only be provided to:

– related and subsidiary Companies being part of Our group, for the same purposes which the data were gathered for;

– public or private bodies for the fulfillment of requirements imposed by the contract, the law or the UE legislation.

4 – The Articles 7, 8, 9, 10 of the Code grant You some rights with regard to the handling of Your personal data, among which:

– the right to know, by accessing to the register or by making a request to the person responsible for the handling, that a handling of data related to You is taking place;

– the right to obtain the updating, the amending or the integration of the data as well as their deleting, their conversion in anonymous form or their block if improperly handled;

– the right to object to the handling in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes only on legitimate grounds;

– the right to object to the handling of data for commercial and promotional information, for the sending of advertising material or for the conducting of market researches.

5 – The person responsible for the handling of personal data is:
Dott. Pietro Eccher, born in Milan (Italy), on May 30, 1982

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