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As it is known Bravo Ma Basta mainly rests on the organizers, however there are many other people without whom the festival wouldn’t be possible (or wouldn’t have been possible).

Following below there’s the list of people who with their time, their sacrifices, their money and their work make this world a better place:

Catia Donini Andrea Baricordi Giovanni Spada Enrico Pirotta Simone Tornaghi and RaptorStudio Gabriele Ferraresi Sacha Kanah Teo Mariani Zeist Mark Farina and UrbanScreenLab Samantha Belotti Luca Elmi Matteo “nerd” Paul “overlord” Armagreggon Tia Faith Tommy Ale Dario Stefania Paola Cate Giulio Mattioli Marco Dugato Marina Minola Fulvia Camporese Marco Tito Claudio The Heel Tacchi Lisa Bagaglio Stefania Meda Ascanio Barbarani Andrea Plazzi Irina Sozonova and all the authors who participated in the previous editions of the festival – even those who unfortunately did not pass the pre-selection – together with all the people who have done something for us and that we forgot to mention… Thank you all!

Special thanks goes to OnTheGoSystems, who allowed us all to have a multilanguage website.

Without you, the Festival would not exist .

These websites are worth mentioning:

Sbocco Studios
Fanatic About Festivals
No Shame Films
La Tana del Cignale

where genius makes up for the lack of means

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