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  1. Man from the street: Is it ok to send to BMB films containing NAKED PEOPLE, blasphemies, APOLOGY OF DRUGS, etc. which may disturb or offend others?
    The fact that a movie contains “strong” scenes or dialogues does not mean that it has no artistic value. We will evaluate each time the possibility of projecting films containing scenes of this kind. We may ask DISCLAIMERS or CUTS in the more extreme cases (this never happened though). 
  2. Man from the street: My film dialogues are not in English, may I send it anyways?
    BMB: Of course you can. However, every film (even English spoken films) MUST HAVE ITS OWN ENGLISH SUBTITLES to ensure that everybody can understand it. This is also clearly written in the instruction email we send when you submit your film. 
  3. Man from the street: Can works that have already been submitted to other festivals, or produced several years ago, participate to the BMB?
    Of course. Unless they have already been presented in other editions of the BMB. 
  4. Man from the street: If I come to the BMB with my film, will I be mocked and pilloried by an audience of highbrow jocks?
    BMB: No. The BMB is a festival designed by filmmakers trash for trash filmmakers, so the audience will consist of people who follow a certain kind of cinema, knowing what it means to make a horror film or science fiction one without money. What matters to the BMB is not having stars like Marlon Brando or having a cinematographer worthy of Storaro and effects by Tom Savini. What matters is that everyone will enjoy seeing your film. 
  5. Man from the street: What is the TOMATO JUDGEMENT?
    Tomato Judgement is the way we chose to assign the most coveted prize of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival: the Tomato Award – voted by the audience through the launch of tomatoes. Learn more about Tomato Judgement. 
  6. Man from the street: Can movies participating to the BMB be made dubbing or refitting existing films (for instance, as those made by Prophilax and GemBoy)?
    BMB: As a rule, we give priority to films in which the visual part is made entirely by their authors, but if the remodeling was particularly successful we will certainly take them into consideration. If there are many we could decide in the future to set up a special section for them. 
  7. Man from the street: What is the price of entrance to the BMB?
    Even this time we will try to make access to the public free of charge. Unfortunately it doesn’t depend totally on us but on the location that will be chosen.


  1. Man from the street: What does REGISTER to BMB website mean?
    BMB: Registration to the site is totally free, as well as the submission of the films and comics at the festival.  REGISTERING allows you to enter the contest. 
  2. Man from the street: If I register to the Bravo Ma Basta will I be flooded with SPAM?
    BMB : Absolutely not. We will use your address sparingly and keep it hidden at the best of our skills.
    The email address will be kept to remind you if you forget your password, and to inform you about the festival and our initiatives. At your choice you may decide to get some notifications from the website – if available. 
  3. Man from the street: How long do I have to wait for the activation email?
    BMB: It should arrive within a few minutes, if you’re unlucky it can take a few hours. Please check the SPAM folder of your email. If within the next day you are still waiting, please contact us at  info@bravomabasta.com explaining your issue.
  4. Man from the street: I am having troubles with the website..
    BMB: We are really sorry for that: please make sure that you’re using a recent release of your internet browser and try using another one.  As far as we know the website is working properly on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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