The Tomato Judgement

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The BMB gives large space to the voice of the audience with The Tomato Judgement.
At the end of the festival, the filmmakers who want to really win the BMB, those who want to brag about: “ATTENDING THE ONLY FILM  FESTIVAL WHERE YOU DO NOT WIN BUT YOU SURVIVE “, will be coated with a suit and placed on the stage waiting for the tomatoe rain supplied by the public. The winning author will be the most ill-treated, indeed, the survivor.

The Tomato Award consists of a golden tomato, handmade by a craftsman of Milan. It is unique and unrepeatable as the event to which it refers, turning it into a work of art of inestimable value, aware messenger of glory and honors as its bearer.

The only way to seize it is to participate in the Tomato Judgement , a noble challenge reserved to competitors of the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival.
The Tomato Judgement takes place after the jury awards, when juicy tomatoes are distributed to the public and the atmosphere is hot. The filmmakers receive the prestigious ANTITUTTO SUIT and are presented one at a time on stage, where they are targeted by the audience: who will gain more tomatoes will win the coveted prize, for the others just the glory of having attempted the test.


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