Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival VI

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The Manifesto of Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival is available here

Call For Proposals Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival

Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival is a real party in which all home-movie lovers  (and others) can meet, discuss and celebrate together while watching their masterpieces. There are no time limits, although the selection will try to privilege the short films in order to show a larger number of works on the day of the screening.

The big news of BMBFF6 than previous editions is the UNDEADLINE: instead of giving a time limit within which to send the movie, this time submissions will remain open until we have enough films selected for the day of the Festival. The date will be announced within one month from the closing of the undeadline. In practice, each time the jury will select a film for the competition, the undeadline bar will be updated based on the running duration of the film in question, and when the bar will be 100% full submissions will be closed. The films will be considered in order of arrival, but the jury could withhold judgment on specific cases (ie. very long but worthwhile films).
Do you have a movie ready? You must send it before the bar reaches 100%!

Another relevant news is that we will accept movies from every country in the world, but each movie needs to have its ENGLISH subtitles.


How much of the time available for screening is already filled with selected movies.



The submission, as always, is FREE.

It's possible to submit more than one work per author.

The films that have participated in a previous edition of Bravo Ma Basta will be automatically excluded from the competition.

How to register a movie to BRAVO MA BASTA FILM FESTIVAL

  1. Subscribe to the site
    CREATE AN ACCOUNT , otherwise you can not access to the forms reserved to enrollment.
    To submit your film it's necessary to fill your sensitive data. If the data is not filled in completely you will not be able to submit your work to the contest. This data will be kept by Bravo Ma Basta and will not be made public, it will be used only to make contact with the authors and for internal administrative tasks.
  2. Register movie
    Once you have filled your data, you can access the enrollment of movie page: remember that in order to enroll more than one film, you must fill out a form for each of them ("cumulative cards" will not be accepted).
  3. Preparing materials
    For each film submitted to BMB6 there are some extras to prepare, which need to be included on the DATA-DVD to be sent to the Festival:

    • FILM in MP4 (video H.264, audio AC3 or AAC). DVD-VIDEO will not be accepted;
    • ENGLISH SUBTITLES in .srt format: you can use VisualSubSync to write them, then save subtitle file as SubRip (srt).
    • TRAILER (optional but recommended especially for films longer than 10 minutes, encoded as MP4 (H.264, AAC/AC3) ). This may also happen to enter the BMB Trailer Contest if we'ill be doing it again;
    • POSTER (optional but recommended, in JPG file format)
  4. Send the media
    After submitting a new film to this website you will receive (at the email address used to register on the site) detailed instructions for the delivery of the work. Of course you can send more works in a single shipment and / or on a single support.The digital support won't be returned, it will become part of BMBFF Archive. 
  5. Check your email every 15 days
    We will send you a confirmation email when we receive the materials. If we do not confirm we received it within a reasonable time, feel free to contact us at .



Among the films submitted, we'll select those who will attend the Bravo Ma Basta Film Festival 6, as determined by the selection jury. This jury will look especially to the relationship between duration and entertainment offered by each work, meaning that a brief but intense movie will have more chances than a long one with little pace. The aim is to make the Festival a show for the audience: nothing is more sad than an audience that slowly leaves for boredom. However, we remind you that a full-lenght film ( Beauty-Full Beast ) has won the third edition of BMB.

The Tomato Judgement
As usual, the Tomato Judgement will take place at the end of the event and the 6th Tomato Award will be assigned.


where genius makes up for the lack of means

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